Introducing Topkey

Property managers handle all aspects of a home’s operations, maintenance, and oversight. Selecting a manager is often the single most important decision a homeowner will make to protect their investment. This can be particularly stressful for second homeowners who do not live near their vacation home nor understand the local market. Finding the right company to safeguard such an important asset should never be left to chance!


There are over 280,000+ property managers in the United States. Today, homeowners need to search through an endless sea of online reviews before they can even begin to vet a given provider. From there, they need to submit their information to determine if the manager will work with their property. Because most people simply don’t have the time to properly compare companies side-by-side, they often settle for a subpar company at a suboptimal price. We believe there’s a better way to cut through the noise and find a great partner!


This is why we’re launching Topkey, an end-to-end platform to help homeowners find, interview, and sign a vetted property manager. 


So how does it work for homeowners? 

Topkey is completely free. Once a property is on-boarded, we provide a digital concierge to guide the homeowner through the full search process. This includes:


  • Submitting property details to our network of vendors

  • Sending the owner a comprehensive rollup report to compare services and quotes

  • Scheduling video interviews for the homeowner and vendor to connect

  • Coordinating digital signing to expedite on-boarding

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What’s in it for managers?

For qualified managers, marketing and sales consume an inordinate amount of time and money. Topkey is the solution to streamline managers’ customer acquisition pipelines and to increase a manager’s exposure to prospective clientele. 


Where are we operating today?


We’re launching exclusively in Florida’s Emerald Coast, which includes Panama City Beach, Miramar Beach, and Destin. If you or someone you know is looking for a trustworthy property manager, give us a try today!