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As homeowners, we know it can be challenging to search for reliable managers. As industry veterans, we know quality managers struggle to distinguish their offerings across saturated local markets. Topkey offers the end-to-end solution both sides desperately need.


Jon Sukhia

Co-Founder & CEO

Jon previously led the Management Company Partnerships team at Airbnb/HotelTonight where he worked closely with leading property management companies. Previously, he was an Associate Director on the corporate development team at Starwood Hotels and oversaw the sale of Starwood’s vacation rental business to Interval Leisure.


Tom Patton

Co-Founder & CTO

Tom began his career in marketing at Google. He then spent 4 years at HotelTonight where he led BD and go-to-market teams. In 2018, he left HotelTonight, learned how to code, and was re-hired by HotelTonight’s CTO as a full-stack software engineer. From that point on, he worked on hotel facing products for Airbnb and HotelTonight.