Turbocharge your real estate business!

Topkey is a marketplace to connect homeowners with vetted property managers. 

We collect manager proposals, summarize in a comprehensive roll-up report, schedule interviews, and facilitate contracting. 

Let us help improve your client experience today at no cost to you!


Save Valuable Time

Topkey will collect 3-5 property manager quotes on behalf of your prospective buyer.

Delight Your Clients

Our personal concierge will make it drop dead simple for your client to compare quotes and evaluate providers at a glance.

Protect your Reputation

We know your reputation is everything. That's why we thoroughly vet all companies to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Zero Competition

Because we are not a brokerage, we will never compete with you for deals.

Absolutely Free

Topkey is completely free for your brokerage and your client.

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