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Topkey for realtors

Delight your clients with an unbiased short term rental estimate and a comprehensive report of vetted property manager proposals

Topkey for realtors.

Topkey helps you educate prospective buyers on how much they can afford on a vacation rental. We give your client an accurate short-term rental revenue estimate and a comprehensive collection of vetted property manager quotes.

Save valuable time

Topkey will collect 3-5 property manager quotes on behalf of your prospective buyer.

Delight your clients

Our personal concierge will make it drop dead simple for your client to compare quotes and evaluate providers at a glance.

Protect your reputation

We know your reputation is everything. That’s why we thoroughly vet all companies to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Zero competition

Because we are not a brokerage, we will never compete with you for deals.

Nail the forecast

Topkey will create a customized short-term rental revenue estimate that is realistic and unbiased for any listing or buyer agent

Getting a revenue-estimate for you clients has never been easier.

Unbiased estimates

We aren’t incentivized to inflate projections to close a deal. We provide you with the most realistic estimate for your short-term rental.

Branded reports

Present a polished report with your company branding to your homeowners

Custom matchmaking

We help your clients connect and compare quotes and services from top vacation rental managers in your area.

What’s Topkey?

Topkey is a marketplace to connect homeowners with vetted property managers. We provide detailed vacation rental revenue estimates, collect property manager proposals side-by-side, and schedule interviews.

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